The winter season is fast approaching and Landers Chevrolet wants to make sure you and your Chevy are prepared for the tough conditions ahead. With the right steps and preparation, your Chevy can perform to its highest ability, no matter what the weather throws at you. Take a look at what Landers Chevrolet has in mind to get your ride cold-weather ready.

When the temperature drops, as does the tire pressure in your Chevy’s wheels. With every 10 degree drop outside, your pressure decreases 1 psi. Lower tire pressure means a less-efficient mpg rating as well as decreases in handling and performance. Make sure to check your pressure each time you visit the pump to ensure they are up to their full potential.

In addition to the importance of checking your tires frequently is making sure your battery is prepared for the colder weather. Colder weather can give batteries a harder time to do their job but if yours is properly checked, you can have the confidence you need no matter what. You can bring it to Landers Chevrolet at any time for a proper battery test.

Whether it be raining, sleeting, or snowing, your windshield wipers are crucial to keeping you safe on the road. Without properly performing wiper blades, your vision can be obscured and put not only you in danger but also those on the road as well. Make sure to replace your wipers if they are streaky and to also top up on your wiper fluid and antifreeze mix, it will come in handy when those icy nights come.

While all winters are different and some more brutal than others, taking the proper precautions for your Chevy before an emergency happens is your best bet to keeping you and your passengers safe throughout the season. Come visit us today at Landers Chevrolet where we will happily check your Chevy to make sure it is winter ready.