With the Bolt and the Volt and the Spark EV, Chevy’s lineup is looking like a high-tech electric parade, and experts are taking note.

The Car Connection has proclaimed Chevy Bolt as the Best Electric Car to buy for 2018. It’s a repeat performance for the Bolt, which impressed the editors in 2017 as well.

The Bolt is set to take the world by storm.

The Long-Ranger

Among the many great qualities of the Bolt EV, the editors noted its impressive range.

The Bolt EV is rated at a generous 238 miles of range from a single charge. That’s more mileage than any electric competitor in its class.

That’s enough miles to let the phrase “range anxiety” fade from your vocabulary.

The Bolt EV delivers those miles for less. Expect to pay a very reasonable $30,000 or so for a Bolt EV, after a $7,500 federal tax credit is figured in.

Sure, there are EV’s with greater range, but not at this affordable family-car price-point.

The EV for All Seasons

More good news: The Bolt EV is a real car. That means it carries four passengers and their luggage in speed and comfort. Bolt’s efficiency doesn’t demand much in the way of sacrifice.

Amenities abound inside the Bolt. Large dual touch-screens allow control of climate and infotainment systems. It even features a third small screen built into the rear-view mirror that can show the road behind while in motion. Pack the luggage high in the load area: You’ll always know what’s going on behind you.

See What the Fuss Is About at Landers Chevrolet

Follow the lightning strike over to Landers Chevrolet. We think you’ll agree with The Car Connection: The Bolt has taken the world by storm for good reason.