There are not many better feelings than that rush you get when you purchase a brand new car. The smell of new leather, the untouched seats, and fresh wheels make it an addicting feeling. You may think there are not too many things that can make your new vehicle better than it already is but we at Landers Chevrolet have some news for you. Adding accessories to your car, particularly a Chevy pickup truck, is always a good idea to boost both the cars value as well as lifespan. Take a look below at 4 handy accessories that the team at Landers Chevrolet thinks you may want during this holiday season.

Accessory #1: Truck Bed Extender

With the winter season fast approaching, various equipment may be needed to clear the roads or even toys to enjoy the weather. No matter what you use your truck bed for, adding an extension to the end of your ride can reduce the stress of carrying large loads and let you focus more on the road ahead. Firewood, snow blowers, ATVs, etc. are all large cargo so the extra few feet at the end of your truck will make towing those loads that much easier.

Accessory #2: Loading Ramp

Since we have already suggested adding a bed extender to your new Chevy truck, you definitely want to make sure you have a loading ramp installed to safely load your cargo. Many of the things you will probably have in your bed are very heavy so to take the stress off, make it easier on yourself with a steady ramp. Safety is our number 1 concern and using a loading ramp surely can prevent some severe injuries.

Accessory #3: Floor Mats

Cold weather brings messy conditions so what better way to protect the inside of your brand new Chevy pickup than with floor mats? Wet, dirty roads are brought straight into your ride each time you take a seat so to maintain the value of your car, we recommend getting factory-fitted floor mats that will keep the dirt and mud from ever getting in contact with your beautiful new upholstery.

Accessory #4: Spray-In Bedliner

With heavy-duty cargo comes the need for a heavy-duty truck bed so we suggest installing a bed liner to protect your truck. The spray-in material strengthens your bed and gives you the confidence you need and expect when loading your truck with various items.

Taking proper care of your 2018 Chevrolet truck is crucial to keeping it looking new and extending its lifespan. Keep our tips in mind when looking for additions to your new ride. Until then, come visit us today at Landers Chevrolet and schedule a test-drive in one of our very own 2018 Chevrolet trucks.